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It is always important to follow through with the health care process. Patients may make an appointment with their doctor to receive results.
Urgent abnormal results are recalled on a daily basis.

We use  safe software for communication with specialists and other health care providers, this means that we do not use the usual e mail as a way of communication as it is generally unsafe.

We use our software reminders to call you when it is due to come for systematic preventive care, usually diabetes, cervical screening and immunization.

Please confirm your phone/mobile number if there is any change for our recalls and reminders to be effective.

Translation and Interpreter services (TIS) from non-english speaking background are available on demand

Telephone access to GPs

As a courtesy to our patients we try not to interrupt the doctor while in consult, so a message will be taken by reception and passed on to them. Th doctor will decide on the action to be taken regarding the message, however due to the demands on our doctors’ time, the only way we can guarantee a response is for you to make an appointment to see your doctor.

Due to the Covid 19 spreading over the last 3 years Medicare allowed the GPs to be reimbursed if they do telephone or telehealth consult. So please call the clinic and make a phone/telehealth appointment if  you are unable to attend the clinic.

Your Rights

If you have a problem we would like to hear about it. Please feel free to talk to your doctor, nurse or our Practice Manager – Dr.  Reda. You may prefer to write to us or use our “suggestions box”. We take your concerns, suggestions and complaints seriously. However, if you wish to take the matter further and feel that you need to discuss the matter outside of the practice there are several options available including:

1. Submit a formal complaint to the clinic manager with details of the concern and what your expectations are.
2. The clinic manager will address your concerns and should respond to you within 40 days with the resolutions.

3. If that will not satisfy your expectations then you have the right to go further to submit the complaint to The Medical Registration Board, Australian Medical Association (AMA) or Health Care Complaints Commission on Office of the Health Ombudsman PO BOX 13281, George Street, Brisbane QLD 4003.

Home & Other Visits

Home visits are available for our regular patients (within 5km of the clinic) whose condition prevents them from attending the practice. If you require a home visit, please call our receptionists and they will be happy to speak with a doctor to arrange a visit (if deemed necessary, and up to the discretion of the doctor) for you.

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